The Different Types and Applications of Thermal Spray Coating

Indiana Precision Grinding Polishing

Thermal spraying is a process and technology which can be used to improve or restore a workpiece's surface. The process is often used to apply coatings to a wide range of materials and components: providing resistance to wear, erosion, cavitation, abrasion, or heat. Let's take a quick look at different types of thermal spray coating processes as…

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How Does the Polishing Process Improve Aerospace Parts?

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace , Polishing

When we think of polishing metal and aerospace parts, we sometimes dismiss the process as purely aesthetic: form over function, if you will. A polishing process can remove directional lines and produce a uniform luster. Great, but what utilitarian purpose does that serve for the parts themselves? How does the polishing or buffing process make…

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