Vertical Grinding: An Overview

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking

Precision grinding is a demanding process which requires thorough understanding and technical expertise from its operators. Grinding is an essential step in aerospace manufacturing as it is required to get the absolute best performance from parts. Grinding wheels are housed within grinding machines, but did you know there are two genres of…

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The Ins and Outs of Nital Etching

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace

Polished metals don't often show structural characteristics, let alone structural flaws, so when it comes to finishing the metal, there needs to be a way to test its solidity without damaging it, right? Let's investigate nital etching.

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A Brief History of Aerospace Manufacturing

Indiana Precision Grinding Aerospace

For centuries, humankind dreamed of leaving the ground and exploring the realms of the sky. Although Leonardo da Vinci aspired to create a flying machine, his dream wouldn’t become a reality until four centuries later. There are many fascinating characters woven into the story of how man created flying machines. Here's a quick history of…

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