Advantages of Magnetic Particle Inspection for Aerospace Manufacturing

Indiana Precision Grinding Aerospace

Nondestructive testing (NDT) methods date back to the ancient Romans who used a mixture of oil and flour to find cracks in marble slabs. Today, though, we need more sophisticated techniques for more demanding products and industries. In aerospace manufacturing, we have made nondestructive testing a daily practice. Destructive testing may be an…

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Origins of Cylindrical Grinding

Indiana Precision Grinding Grinding

There are many types of grinding methods, each with their own applications and techniques. One of our favorite methods is known as cylindrical grinding, in which cylinder-shaped parts (surprising, I know) are finished to achieve a mirror-finish and exceptional performance on the inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), or sometimes both.…

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Aerospace Metal Finishing Techniques

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace

Achieving the best performance possible out of your metal parts, especially if the application for those parts is in aerospace, is a challenge for even the most skilled manufacturers. After all, it's not just cutting and measuring parts, you also need to finish. There is a long list of possible finishing techniques, so choosing the right one…

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