IPG's Commitment to Community

Indiana Precision Grinding Insider

During a time shrouded in almost unprecedented uncertainty, the need for people to step up and do what's good for their community has never been more obvious. And when the call came in for their community, the Indiana Precision Grinding team knew they had to answer it.  

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How Does the Polishing Process Improve Aerospace Parts?

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace , Polishing

When we think of polishing metal and aerospace parts, we sometimes dismiss the process as purely aesthetic: form over function, if you will. A polishing process can remove directional lines and produce a uniform luster. Great, but what utilitarian purpose does that serve for the parts themselves? How does the polishing or buffing process make…

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Different Types of Grinding Wheels

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Grinding

When you craft and machine your aerospace parts, getting the high quality you demand and require comes down to the ability to grind and finish the parts so they perform the job they need to perfectly every time. How is it done? Grinding is a proven technique that instantly improves your parts, but there is always one key question that must be…

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Understanding HVOF Coatings

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace

For many years, chrome plating was considered the industry standard whenever a hard and long wearing surface was needed. However, environmental protection laws were enacted, and hexavalent chromium was recognized as a known carcinogen, leading the material to fall out of favor. So, contractors needed to find an alternative:

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