Trends in the HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Aerospace

Within the scope of aerospace manufacturing and specifically aerospace finishing processes, there are many innovative ways engineers are able to pull that little bit of extra performance from their projects. One of the key ways quality assurance teams are able to ensure the precision of their work is to finish the metal parts through processes…

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Hard Turning vs. Grinding: What are the Facts?

Indiana Precision Grinding Metalworking , Grinding

Within the metalworking industry, there is no shortage of precision machining techniques. In recent years, there has been the introduction and increased use of hard turning as an alternative to precision grinding for achieving better finishes. This is why we wanted to talk about hard turning and how it truly compares to grinding.

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The Importance of Dressing a Grinding Wheel

Indiana Precision Grinding Grinding

Similar to other machines, grinding wheels will wear down with use and as time goes on. This leads to poor part quality and surface finishes. Instead of replacing your grinding wheel, you can use a process referred to as "dressing" to restore the wheel to its former glory. Dressing a grinding wheel is the key to maximizing the performance and…

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