Three Generations of the Cox Family at IPG

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As a company, Indiana Precision Grinding is deeply committed to two things: superior aerospace finishing techniques and our community. And when it comes to community, nothing is closer to our hearts than family. William Cox founded this company in 1975; when he passed the company to his son Dave, an effort was made to keep the Cox name in the company. Today, three generations of our family are represented within the IPG team. We wanted to give you the opportunity to meet them.

ThreeGenerationsOfCoxClean_1200x600Left to Right: Matt, Isaiah, Lindsey, Andrew, and Dave Cox.


Lindsey Cox

“I have just recently started my employment at IPG under the role of administrative assistance. I've already had the opportunity to work with multiple individuals over many different topics including varied research, job, maintenance scheduling, data entry, and much more. This role provides a work environment where every day is different, but not overwhelming.

"I attend Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a focus on nonprofit management. My goal is to be part of a service-based organization that has a desire and purpose of increasing the well-being of local communities. I am beyond proud to be at a company who, through the midst of hardship, has taken great measures to give to those in need in order to better our community.

"Working with family sets an atmosphere that motivates me to work as hard as I can and give my best as a part of the team. I'm thankful for the opportunities provided at IPG and the individuals I get to work with.”


Andrew Cox

“I joined IPG in 2016 before my senior year of high school. During that period, my role consisted of cleaning, painting, working outside, and performing other maintenance tasks. After graduating high school, I transitioned to an administrative role designed to assist the executive team at IPG.

“I interact with customers to assist them with their projects, configure job orders prior to operators performing grinding work, close job orders prior to invoicing, and collect various forms of data and documentation. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in pastoral leadership as a distance education student at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. I aspire to lead a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church that will have a global impact, inspiring the lives of countless people with the love and hope of Jesus Christ in unique and unprecedented ways.

“Working alongside my family at IPG for the past four years has been a learning experience and a tremendous blessing. Our family has led IPG with excellence: I'm honored and grateful for the remarkable opportunity I have every day to make a difference at IPG with my amazing family!”


Isaiah Cox

“I've had the opportunity to work two summers at IPG. To say I have been richly blessed by this opportunity is truly an understatement. My primary role has been general labor such as lawn care, painting, cleaning, and general maintenance. While the work can be tough and strenuous, I also find it very rewarding.

"Working a job with my family is all I have ever known when it comes to employment. The environment of working with family is comfortable yet challenging. Because of it, I have learned much about personal responsibility and how important a strong work ethic is.

"I am 17 years old, and I am about to go into my senior year of high school at Suburban Christian School. While my future is still unknown, I am excited for the opportunities and experiences that may come. I plan on living an intentional and purpose-driven life."


Matt Cox

"I am approaching a total of 13 years employment at IPG. During these years, my role has evolved from beginning as our in-house toolmaker to being promoted to Vice President last November. I support Dave Cox (my uncle) with Executive Management and strengthening our Business Development process.

"Most of my life has consisted of working with family. My first job was for my father who owned a machine shop throughout my high school and young adult life. I am passionate about working closely with Dave to learn the executive side of IPG. To see my children working for the company that their great-grandfather pioneered is an amazing feeling: my family is full of entrepreneurs and I see that same drive in them.

"My wife Angie and I have been married for over 22 years. We have been blessed with four amazing children and consider building a family together our greatest accomplishment. We are intentional with life!"


Dave Cox

"My work at IPG began when my father founded the company in 1975. It was the summer of my high school sophomore year, and like Isaiah, my first job was cleaning machines, lawn work, painting, etc. As a start-up with limited financial resources, my father couldn’t afford to pay me, which was fine, I was just happy to be around my dad. The part-time work continued with evenings during the school year and full days during the summers. During my senior year, my father began to teach me the trade of precision grinding, and after graduating from high school, it became full-time work. Little could I have imagined at that time it would turn into a 45-year career of working in nearly every capacity, with the last 20 as President and owner. 

"With 17 family members who have worked at IPG over the years, IPG and family have always been together. Working with family has, and continues to inspire and challenge me to grow as a leader and person. While I’m grateful for every relationship I have made throughout my career, working with the younger generations of family is both exciting and humbling.

"My father taught me a trade, and then how to be a successful businessman, and now I’m honored to mentor Matt, who will succeed me as both President and owner. He's a passionate servant-leader who will lead this company successfully into the future, which I’m sure will include future generations of family."


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