IPG Announces Matthew Cox as Vice President

Indiana Precision Grinding Insider

Indiana Precision Grinding (IPG) today announced that Matthew Cox has been promoted to the role of Vice President, effective immediately.

Matthew has been promoted from his prior role as Director of Business Development at IPG where he has worked for 12 years in various positions. Matthew will bring his sales, business, and purchasing experience to his new role.

When asked what goals he had in his new role, Matthew listed his objectives as:

• Be an intentional leader
• Create a delightful customer service experience process
• Focus on building sales and customer relationship systems
• Expand and serve customers even more efficiently
• Serve the outstanding team and blaze a new future.

“The very first emotion I felt, was humility. I know the blood, sweat, and tears that my family and others have poured into our great organization. To be asked to help lead at an executive level and to be a part of the future leadership, it was a very humbling feeling,” says Matthew, “I also felt honored and a sense of intentional ambition: when challenges present themselves, we should arise to conquer them.”


Indiana Precision Grinding's President and CEO Dave Cox and Vice President Matthew Cox

“Promoting Matthew to Vice President wasn’t something I had on my mind entering 2019. While I have been concerned with having a succession plan in place, it was Matthew’s growth as a leader that led me to the decision,” says Dave Cox, President and CEO at IPG, “While I’m thrilled to have the Cox name continue as the leader of IPG, Matthew, my nephew, was ready and motivated to take on the position and lead; he has the right attitude of setting goals, rolling up his sleeves, and doing whatever it takes to help people win. He’s become a true servant-leader.”

Matthew concluded, “I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Angie for over 21 years. With a lot of help from the Lord, Angie and I have built a happy life and family together. She is my best friend! We have been blessed with 4 awesome children whom we couldn’t be prouder of.”

William Cox II founded Indiana Precision Grinding as Centerless Grinding Company in 1975. IPG specializes in full-service, innovative precision grinding solutions from their 12,000 square-foot facility in Indianapolis. As an ASD9100 certified manufacturer, IPG is one of the premier grinding shops in North America.

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